Step Out of the Struggle & Into Your Power!

Do you find yourself … Analyzing everything that goes into your mouth,  Constantly asking yourself “Is this the healthiest option?” Fighting cravings  Feeling like a failure because you’ve gained weight and can’t seem to control yourself around food You may be experiencing this because you’re looking for answers outside yourself instead of building up your …

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“Addicted” to food?!

I remember feeling like I wasn’t going to make it home in one piece…   …if I didn’t stop to get a bag of Oreos and eat them all while driving. I know what it feels like to think about food all the time. To have that intense pull, that overwhelming compulsion to eat the thing …

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Body Acceptance Challenge

Accepting your body the way it is right now allows you to have a sense of freedom without all those judgements and plans on how to fix yourself clouding your mind.

Join the Nourishing Vitality Community

This group is a safe space for people who struggle with their relationship with food and body image to discover healing through mind-body-spirit wellness and Intuitive Eating practices.

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