Nourishing Vitality

End your struggle with food.  Find what works for you.  Enjoy life!

Nourishing Vitality

Non-Diet Nutritionist

Julia Hampton, MS

I am a recovering people pleaser and perfectionist, a former chronic dieter, and an ally for those wanting to feel comfortable in their body and have freedom around food.
I want to see diet culture disintegrate.  I challenge conventional health messaging: Thin does not equal health. “Shoulds” and shaming do not help people change. 
Acceptance, empathy, awareness, education, experimenting, motivating, inspiring, and sharing – these are powerful change agents!

1:1 Nutrition Counseling

Nourishing Vitality!

I can help you feel good in your body and have the energy to do the things you love.  We accomplish this by exploring your relationship with food and current eating habits and working to change how you eat and care for yourself in a way that works for you. 

All appointments are currently telehealth appointments through the Healthie online platform, a fully encrypted, HIPAA-compliant app for your computer or smartphone.  This means that what you share with me remains confidential and protected!

Health and wellbeing cannot be judged by how someone looks.  
Bodies come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and abilities. 
I celebrate the diversity of all bodies and work with each client from a weight-neutral approach to find their own optimal wellbeing!

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