Step Out of the Struggle & Into Your Power!

Do you find yourself …

  • Analyzing everything that goes into your mouth, 
  • Constantly asking yourself “Is this the healthiest option?”
  • Fighting cravings 
  • Feeling like a failure because you’ve gained weight and can’t seem to control yourself around food

You may be experiencing this because you’re looking for answers outside yourself instead of building up your internal trust and confidence.

See, when we are constantly using our mind to evaluate and judge our choices and behavior, we divorce ourselves from the wisdom of our body. That wisdom tells us when we are hungry and full, when we need to rest, move, go to the bathroom…

“But I can’t trust myself!” you might think. ‘If I start eating ______ I can’t stop!”

This reaction is understandable because you are caught in diet culture mentality.  You think you need to be smaller to have value, that losing weight is going to fix you and this means you have to control yourself and follow a specific plan (eat “right” and exercise) to be successful.  

But, how has this worked out so far?  Are these diet rules really the solution, or are they actually what is causing you to have the same struggle over and over again?

What if you could step out of the struggle and into your power?!

Rebuilding trust with yourselves and your body is possible and it starts with a simple practice of observing instead of judging what’s going on.

Because it’s the judgments (healthy/unhealthy, good/bad) that cause us to overanalyze and second guess our food choices, which then leads to feelings of guilt and shame.

When we approach our eating experiences with curious observation, listening to our body’s signals of hunger and fullness and responding, we rebuild a connection with ourselves we can trust.

This process is what I call the Eating Awareness Practice.  It is one of the keys to having Body Confidence and Food Freedom.

After a couple of weeks of this Eating Awareness Practice, a client of mine said:

 “Realizing that food is just food has been so calming. I’m confident I can trust my body to tell me what it needs and wants.”

My client didn’t need more knowledge, food lists, or the right plan. They needed to build trust in themselves.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?!

Find out for yourself in Keys to Body Confidence & Food Freedom, A 7 Day Challenge. 

WHEN: Sept. 11 – 17, 2022

WHERE: Online



Here’s why people are saying YES to Keys to Body Confidence & Food Freedom, a 7 day challenge.

“This course has shown me a better way to think about my body, as a vessel that deserves to be valued and treated with care!”

– Tanya

“This course has been life changing.  It’s been the little changes that have been most meaningful.  I appreciate that you didn’t hold me to unrealistic standards.”

– Annie

“It’s not about restriction or forbidding, but rather getting in touch with yourself and your body and actually listening.”

– Tif