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Nourishing Vitality: Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness & Intuitive Eating

This is a safe space for people who struggle with their relationship with food and body image to discover healing through mind-body-spirit wellness and Intuitive Eating practices.

So many wellness programs and groups are focused on changing your physical body to look a certain way (thin, muscular) and be “healthy.”  And many people think thin = healthy, but this just isn’t true.  Read more here. You could be sacrificing your mental and emotional health for some unattainable “healthy” ideal body type. 

Often our bodies are the scapegoat for what is going on at a deeper level.  I like to go to the source, go to that deeper level with people to help create transformative lasting change.   I want to help you discover how you can enjoy eating in a way that is based on trust and freedom and also feel good in your body.

At the root is being connected to your own intuitive wisdom to make conscious choices to live your best life in the body you have.  This work is grounded in the truth that our bodies are designed to heal yet we are complex organisms that get in our own way sometimes.   

In the Facebook group, I will talk about how to reconnect with your body and build a trusting relationship with it.   I will also talk about Intuitive Eating practices and how to shift the way you approach food and eating.  

The spiritual aspect of our being is at the heart of wellness.  I want to help cultivate this aspect of people.  I acknowledge that people connect to spirit through many different paths and practices.  I will be sharing methods, viewpoints and practices that resonate with me while leaving room for group members to adapt it to their spiritual practice and also share their wisdom and practice.  

This Facebook group is a place for learning, meeting each other with open minds and hearts.  My hope is that this Nourishing Vitality Community is a place for self discovery, breaking free of diet culture and limiting beliefs, and creating new practices that support you feeling your best.

Join me here.

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