The Truth about Feeling in Control

We all want to feel in control, that we have the power to guide and manage our own lives.

But when we are trying to follow rules and be disciplined we are giving our power over to external forces and ideas.  

And we inevitably REBEL against this type of control – we eat those cookies/chips/ice cream, we give up on that exercise plan, we sit for hours binge watching shows.  

We think we are sabotage ourself, tripping ourself up or getting in our own way.  

But, what if these actions are actually a way of reclaiming our power?  Our power to make decisions for ourselves, to meet our needs and desires.  

When we shift away from letting external forces like the thin/healthy body ideal and food/exercise rules dictate our choices and build trust in ourselves by listening and responding to our body we are truly in control.

One of my clients defined this new feeling of CONTROL as

“being able to make decisions with confidence because I trust myself and my needs.” 

And from this place of trusting her own needs she felt physically powerful because she wasn’t depriving herself and was able to give herself the sustenance she needed to sustain her energy throughout her busy days.  

And she stopped overeating things that didn’t make her feel good at night and on the weekends because she was honoring her needs and desires all the time!

Want this kind of control for yourself?  

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