Nourishing Vitality Method: Intuitive Eating Program

Tired of trying diet after diet and still being uncomfortable in your body and feeling obsessed with food? You can transform your relationship with food and have confidence and ease in eating. Find out how in The Nourishing Vitality Method course.

Confidence & Ease in Eating without Food Lists, Willpower or Guilt

Break free from your struggles with food so you can have the energy to enjoy your life.

The next program starts October 4, 2022

What do you do when…

… diets and “lifestyle changes” aren’t making lasting change? 

… you are anxious and confused about what to eat? 

… you struggle to eat in a way that has you feeling your best? 

In this 6 month program, I will teach you a new way of approaching your food and self care to have mind-body-spirit wellness. I will not only provide you with the tools, I will coach you through each step along the way to having confidence and ease in eating so you can enjoy living your life!

Through my Nourishing Vitality Method, you will learn what is behind your struggle with food and your body, and how to regain trust in your innate wisdom.  You will develop an Eating Awareness Practice to help you shift your habits naturally. You will learn how to find satisfaction in eating and trusting your body to guide you in making choices that are right for you.   

This process will liberate you from The Fix-Restrict-Rebel-Guilt Cycle and renew your ability to trust yourself and live a life you love.

Here’s a slice of what you will get inside:  

LIVE TRAINING: Live interactive trainings combine knowledge building with experiential learning. 

COACHING & COMMUNITY: A weekly group check in with coaching and community chat forum provide connection and support from others on the same journey.

TONS OF RESOURCES: Worksheets, journaling prompts, content videos and encouraging emails guide practice in between sessions.

Program Content Details:

Deconstructing Diet Mentality & Transforming Body Image

Uncover the mindset that has trapped you in the endless cycle of struggling with yourself, your body and food.  Engage in exercises to transform how you perceive your body, what you believe about your body and how you treat your body.  

Mind & Body Awareness

Awareness is a wellbeing practice that shifts you out of unconscious patterns and brings attunement to yourself in the present moment.  Learn how to use this skill to shift your mindset around food and be attuned to your body’s wisdom to guide you in eating. 

The Satisfaction Factor 

Experiencing satisfaction in eating brings a sense of completion to a meal and allows you to move on to the other activities that bring meaning to your life.  Learn the key components for achieving satisfaction in eating and discover your unique satisfaction factors. 

Food Freedom and Conscious Eating

Integrating the skills and tools is a continual process. Intuitive Eating is not about eating right, it’s a new way of approaching your self around food and self care.  You will learn how to give yourself full permission to eat while using your body’s feedback to make conscious choices that help you feel your best.

This 6 month course is $150/month.

Sliding scale pricing available – 20% or 30% off

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