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75 Intuitive: The Consistent, Confident & Compassionate way to Health

April 1, 2023


75 Intuitive is a 75-day transformative program that will change how you approach health and well-being – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It’s more sustainable, less pressure, and totally empowering!

Have you tried diets, workout programs, cleanses/detoxes, but nothing gives you the SUSTAINABLE change you’re hoping for?

Do you think:

  • You lack self-discipline?
  • You’re not productive enough?
  • You’re letting yourself go physically?
  • You’re useless without accountability?

Want to know a secret?

You’re not broken.


You’re simply a victim of diet culture – a $70+ billion industry that thrives on you believing that optimal health, happiness, and confidence are reserved only for certain [white, thin, able] bodies.

What you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked because you’ve approached health and well-being from a place of fear, shame, and guilt (not healthy!).


You’re stuck in a cycle of vowing, “This time it’ll work,” and wasting time and money on false promises. The dopamine rush you get from thinking about the future (a perfect fantasy) wears off after you hit the first bump in the road, and you’re left feeling like you’ll forever be a work in progress.

What would it look like to approach health and well-being from a place of LOVE and SELF-TRUST? 

That’s what we are teaching in the 75 Intuitive Facebook group starting April 1st.

75 Intuitive is a 75-day transformative program that will change how you approach health and well-being – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It’s more sustainable, less pressure, and totally empowering!

Learn how to build consistent habits, create confidence and develop a compassionate mindset.


All-or-Noting thinking is a common tendency of chronic dieters. We’re either “on the wagon” or “off the wagon.” We either eat zero cookies or the whole box. We either train for a marathon or struggle to get off the couch.

Connecting with our body’s intuition helps us find balance in life. We accept that life cycles through phases of higher and lower nutrition, more and less movement, and all of it is okay. What impacts our health outcomes most is what we do over time.

An intuitive approach to health is more sustainable than the rigidity of having to do everything perfectly 100% of the time.  You naturally create consistency because you are in tune with what you need and motivated to take action to care for yourself.


Diet culture promises that you’ll feel confident once you achieve your body goals. But having a smaller, stronger, sleeker, more able body at the expense of a pleasurable lifestyle and adequate nourishment is NOT true confidence. It’s a false sense of safety that comes from avoiding judgment and criticism.

True confidence comes from the inside out: from a connection with your true self, believing in your worth and abilities, and trusting that you will have your own back no matter what.


Researcher Kristen Neff has discovered that self-compassion is a more effective motivator toward achieving our goals because the “driving force is love, not fear.”

When we build habits from a place of love, we remove all of the self-criticism.

  • We eat foods that taste good and make us feel good.
  • We move in ways that support our health and are enjoyable, not because we should, but because we want to.
  • We get out of all-or-nothing thinking and find the balance between ease and effort.

The first step is reconnecting with our bodies’ cues and learning to trust our intuition – something diet culture has told us to ignore, push past, and override.

All of this sounds AMAZING, right?!  But it is so different from what you are used to.

Learn and explore this new approach inside the 75 Intuitive Facebook group led by non-diet nutrition and exercise professionals. 

How it works:

Every week inside the Facebook group, you will learn from a new non-diet professional about a key component of approaching health intuitively.  Topics include meal planning in a non-diet way, finding motivation for movement, tools to help with emotional eating, trusting your body even when you don’t feel well, and more!

Sunday: Topic and schedule for the week

Mondays: 30-minute Masterclass on the week’s topic

Tues-Thurs:  journaling prompts, sharing and learning from others, practicing what you’ve learned

Fridays: 1-hour Coaching Call for Q&A and extra support to get you closer to your goal

You can expect a lot of support, powerful questions to take you deeper into your journey, encouragement to give yourself credit for your progress (no matter how small), a safe community of other humans looking to get more intuitive.

And there will be prizes for showing up and sharing!


COST:  $0 – zippo – FREE!!!!

You only need to invest your time and energy – the more of this you invest, the more you will get out of the offerings!


Ready to get started?


April 1, 2023
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