Transform out-of-control eating into MINDFUL CHOICES that support your wellbeing.

6-Week Cravings Decoded Course

“I feel so much more in control of my choices; I trust myself and my needs.” – Erin

Cravings are a reaction to a variety of things.

Some cravings are related to nutrient imbalance.  Some derive from emotional needs.  Some are linked to hormone shifts.

But an underlying factor of almost all cravings are the dynamics at play in our relationship with food and our bodies.

This course will help you SYSTEMATICALLY address the different causes of cravings and ENGAGE IN PRACTICES to transform your relationship with food, your body and how you care for yourself so you can make mindful choices that support your wellbeing.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • What causes that out of control feeling around food. 
  • How to prevent cravings by listening and responding to your needs. 
  • My unique process for making mindful choices around food.

Week 1: What’s hunger got to do with it?

  • Learn how being overly hungry can cause that out of control feeling around food
  • Practice listening and responding to hunger cues

Week 2: Deconstructing the Restriction Mindset Trap

  • Learn how cravings are a result of The Fix-Restrict-Rebel-Guilt Cycle
  • Practice observations and curious questions around food choices

Week 3: The Power of Body Acceptance

  • Learn how the way we perceive and experience our bodies plays a role in causing cravings
  • Practice daily reflections that lead to body acceptance

Week 4: Emotional Regulation (a skill we were not taught)

  • Learn how cravings are linked to eating as a way of coping with challenging emotions 
  • Practice self-compassion and emotional regulation techniques

Week 5: Reclaiming Autonomy

  • Learn how pushing and overriding our needs in favor of being productive and meeting expectations causes cravings.
  • Practice self authorization and responsibility 

Week 6: Supporting Biological Homeostasis

  • Learn how blood sugar, hormones, neurotransmitters and other biological systems can impact cravings
  • Practice making self care goals out of love, not fear

Hi There!

I am a recovering people pleaser and perfectionist, a former chronic dieter, and an ally for those wanting to feel comfortable in their body and have freedom around food.

Trust me, you’re not alone if you’ve ever thought…
“I should really have this figured out by now.”

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