Learn to stop wondering why it feels so hard to know what (and how) to eat. Grab my FREE Masterclass and  and learn to manage menopause without dieting and food rules.

is hard enough; food shouldn’t be!

This is why I’ve devoted an entire masterclass to answering one question:

Why does this feel so hard? (And what you can do to make it easier!)

If you would like to learn

  • How to develop a mindset around food & nutrition that makes it easy to eat intuitively and mindfully
  • How to choose the nutrition priorities that are most relevant to you, your symptoms, and your midlife & menopause goals.
  • My unique process for getting started with menopause nutrition that eliminates overwhelm and decision fatigue.
  • How to make how you feel IN your body the real measure of progress.

And get some of my favourite, easy, go-to, nourishing recipes for any stage of midlife…then you need to watch this masterclass!

Hi There!

I am a recovering people pleaser and perfectionist, a former chronic dieter, and an ally for those wanting to feel comfortable in their body and have freedom around food.

Trust me, you’re not alone if you’ve ever thought…
“I should really have this figured out by now.”

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